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Not happy with your WordPress host? WPQuasar will move you for free

With so many different WordPress hosting companies out there, the level of service and support also differs greatly. Read on to see how WPQuasar can migrate your site to our cloud for free as part of the on boarding process.

Step 1: Backup

Regular site backups are important at the best of times, but before any change of host is attempted a backup of your site is a must. If your current host has a backup feature we can use that, but we will also capture the site data with our backup tools.

Step 2: Migrate

With the site data backed up, we will upload it to a new WordPress instance on the WPQuasar cloud. This process is semi-automated and might involve changes to files that reference the domain name.

Step 3: Test

With the content and database data running on WPQuasar, we will perform a test of the migrated site in a staging environment. You will be given a custom staging URL under the domain.

Step 4: Switch

Once everyone is happy the migrated site has been tested and is performing well, we can switch over the domains DNS records. We will show you what to do here.
At WPQuasar our engineers can perform a site migration at either the system or plugin level, depending on which migration path is the best option for  your site.