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Free Book: 10 reasons to choose WordPress for enterprise applications

If there was ever a motto that summed up the power and simplicity of the WordPress content management system, it would be: Make the Easy Things Easy and the Hard Things Possible.

WordPress is the world’s most popular Web content management system, but did you know it can power much more than just a Web site? There are thousands of business applications available for WordPress and because they are built on WordPress they are easy to use and have a high acceptance rate.

Tired of throwing good money after bad on failed Web projects? Put an end to that with WordPress: a free and open-source content management system and application platform. You can use it as many times as you like in as many ways as you like.

WordPress is scalable and secure

Built with mature, enterprise-grade open-source technologies, WordPress can scale from a simple personal blog to a global company Web site that sees millions of visitors every month.

Some of the largest companies in the world use WordPress for their sites and scale it to meet audience demand. Enterprises often have complex environments and a range of hosting options available. This is no problem for WordPress, which can be deployed in-house, with an MSP, or on a public cloud.

There are also clouds that specialise in WordPress hosting for enterprise and government organisations.

Despite a few misconceptions, WordPress is a well-coded and well-maintained platform that is regularly audited and updated for any security threats or vulnerabilities.

The security of WordPress extends to backups and disaster recovery, so you can easily capture all your important information and store it where the bad guys don’t have access.

Download your free copy

Are you tired of registration forms? So are we. That’s why WPQuasar’s eBook Make the Easy Things Easy and the Hard Things Possible is available for free download, without the need to pay, or register for, anything.

Download our eBook to discover 10 reasons why WordPress is great for the most demanding enterprise or government digital applications.

The 10 reasons are:

  1. WordPress is Open
  2. WordPress has Enterprise Features
  3. WordPress is Scalable
  4. WordPress Runs Anywhere
  5. WordPress is Secure
  6. WordPress has Enterprise Applications
  7. WordPress is Extensible (and Stylish)
  8. WordPress Skills are Plentiful
  9. WordPress is User-Friendly
  10. WordPress Does Public Sites & Private Portals
Free eBook: 10 Reasons Why WordPress is Great for Enterprise or Government Applications
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